Review: Invincible #75


INVINCIBLE #75 PREVIEW Writer:    Robert Kirkman Artist:   Ryan Ottley Colorist:   FCO Plascencia Publisher: Image Release Date: November 3rd, 2010   Warning:  Contains Spoilers   If you ever wondered what it would really be like if super powered beings went to war with each other and really tried to kill each other – then this book is for you. The Viltrumite War arc of the series continues this issue and it’s truly all out war as the Coalition of Planets takes the battle to the Viltrum Empire’s front door.  Guys – Kirkman packs this issue full of “OMFG!” moments rendered in exquisite brutal detail by Ottley’s and Plascencia’s remarkable art and coloring.  The writer, artist, and colorist truly outdid themselves for this double-sized anniversary issue. I was actually shocked at and surprised by the writing choices Kirkman made this issue.  Brutally killing a very major character and another major supporting character are writing decisions sure to make many fans a bit angry.  It goes to show you that Kirkman isn’t afraid to take chances and deliver edgy material that breaks out of the typical comics storytelling formula where major characters can’t be killed and where every story ends with the major characters back at baseline.  The events in this issue are truly character changing and book changing and overall story arc changing developments.  Everything in Invincible will be very different after this issue.  Mark was already showing signs of “battle fatigue” – and after this issue’s events, I suspect he may begin exhibiting full fledged symptoms of PTSD. Invincible has never shied away from depicting the realistic consequences of super-powered beings wailing on each other – so this is not a book for the faint of heart.  Think about it – if ultra-strong beings truly hit each other with intent to kill, incredible trauma would be inflicted.  This book shows what such trauma would look like – so if you like your comic book violence sanitized, this book is not for you. The Grayson family’s ultimate solution to turn the tide of battle in favor of The Coalition of Planet’s forces is both surprising and incredibly effective – an ultimate insanely deadly solution to an interstellar war amongst super-powered beings that I’ve never before seen used in a comics story.  It put the Viltrum Empire on the ropes – but it looks like the Emperor has a few tricks left as this issue ended on a cliffhanger. Rounding out this issue are excellent cosmic back-up stories featuring the time-traveling Science Dog and an interstellar war tale of Tech Jacket. The Viltrumite War arc reached its midpoint this issue with developments that would be the capstone of most comics stories featuring interstellar war stories.  I don’t know how Kirkman is going to top himself after this – but I’ll be eagerly awaiting issue #76 to find out! Article by:  Bill Meneese