Posted by:
Matt McGloin

Review: IDW's Infestation #1

Posted by:
Matt McGloin




Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Art by: David Messina

Inks by: Gaetano Carlucci

Colors by: ScarletGothica

Prologue Art by: Elena Casagrande

Art Assist by: Claudia Balboni

Lettered by: Robbie Robbins

Cover A: Gabriel Rodriguez

Cover B: John K. Snyder & Jason Wright

Incentive Cover: Ashley Wood

Publisher: IDW

Release Date: January 26th, 2011


A really fun book hit this week and I do hope you pick it up! Not only were there three really cool covers (I chose "B" - see below) - but each issues ships with a special IDW Infestation/Transformers vinyl patch!

From IDW, fan-favorite cosmic scribes Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, artist David Messina, and former Annihilation editor, Andy Schmidt, comes Infestation - a cross-over event like none you have seen before!

Infestation sees the beginnings of an extra-dimensional zombie plague spread its entrails throughout the IDW multi-verse. From the pages of Transformers to G.I. Joe and even Ghost Busters, the dead will not only take over vampires, robots, and us lowly humans, but will go places where no man has gone before - Star Trek! While it is my understanding that the respective licensed characters will not see face time in each other's books, the zombie plague will be the glue that binds them - or I suppose, eats them!

With Infestation #1, Abnett and Lanning give us a very accessible opener. There is no pussy-footing around as we are immediately thrown into the action. We witness the take over of a military complex in a most bloody fashion. From there, DnA introduce us to our ensemble of heroes, the CVO - Covet Vampiric Operations. Per the title, they are a group of blood-sucking soldiers that are sent to clean up and recover whatever they can. It is known that some kind of living dead outbreak has occurred - no worries as they are the undead, right?



The Undead meet the Living Dead in an all out battle for the sake of the Universe. However, their encounter has dire repercussions for not only the CVO world, but the four other worlds listed above, as well. There is some unknown force behind the seemingly infinite colony, with a just as infinite appetite, making its way through a portal from another dimension. DnA set things up to come as the vampiric soldiers are outnumbered, due to events beyond their control, and enlist the aid of a battalion of robots to take on the zombie army. Suffice to say, nothing living, dead - or even automated -  is immune to the influence of these particular group of creatures from beyond.

Just as engrossing as the story, is the art from David Messina and company. There is much detail in each panel which must be complimented. So much so, that even the zombies in the background are each given their own "bits and pieces" - if you will. Some are shown to have severed limbs, while some missing eyes. These small details are much appreciated adding to the enjoyment of the book. Not to go unnoticed, is the coloring behind the combined sci-fi and magical elements related to the book, as well. The brightly colored portal depictions compliment the horrific aspects of the Vampires and Zombies. A nice touch comes in the form of the lettering. As each of the Covert Vampires are introduced, there are narrative boxes with arrows pointing to each, which not only helps to set them apart, but introduces them to those unfamiliar (me!).

As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. To be expected, DnA have a great handle on the characters and, as it has sci-fi and cosmic elements, their handling of the story is just as terrific as their more popular cosmic works. Good stuff.

Infestation #1 sees the proverbial can of worms opened up on the likes of Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Trek and Ghostbusters. Will you be along for the ride as DnA attempt to put them back?

I sure will!