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Matt McGloin

Review: Hulk #27


Hulk # 27 PREVIEW Writer: Jeff Parker Artist: Gabriel Hardman Colorist: Bettie Breitweiser Letterer: Ed DukeShire Cover: Ed McGuinness & Chris Sotomayor Publisher: Marvel Release Date: November 17th, 2010   Hulk #27 was an adequate issue, not as entertaining or engrossing as the previous two. We still did get that Hulk pounding, but the story hasn't moved forward much. The General continues his mission of stopping M.O.D.O.K.'s "Scorched Earth" campaign leading to confrontation between the Big Red Machine and the King of the Sea. Before I get ahead of myself, we left off last issue with the Rulk facing the bottomless pit of a Black Hole with the Watcher there to observe. Suffice to say the Hulk makes it out alive with this continuing Parker's payback routine from Loeb's previous run. From there we go to a conversation with Ross and Banner while they wait for another of the protocols to be found. And that's what this issue felt like - as if it was just standing idly by waiting for something to happen. I certainly hope having Bendis grab Thaddeus for his Avengers (wow! - the big red guy can't get a break these days!) didn't interfere at all with Parker's plans. This mission sees the Rulk taken to the depths of the sea, where, side by side with Namor two threats created by the Klaw must be put to a halt. This ends up with Namor turning on the Hulk. I'll say it - I'm not and never have been a big fan of Namor. Every time we see him it's basically the same thing, he helps then he freaks out - and it's more of the same here. If next issue, the Rulk pummels Namor into fish food, I'll be more than happy. This is the third issue of Parker and Gabriel's Hulk and I would like a bit of back-story or something at least to tease that this is all going somewhere. Some form of progression is needed - maybe in the form of a Rulk worthy adversary as the Red Goliath now walks side by side with the likes of Steve Rogers and the Avengers.