Posted by:
Chris Bushley

Review: Heroes For Hire #2




WRITERS:  Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

PENCILS:  Brad Walker

INKER:  Andrew Hennessy

COLORS:  Jay David Ramos

LETTERS:  VC'S Joe Caramagna

COVER:  Doug Braithwaite

EDITOR: Bill Rosemann


RELEASE DATE:  January 12,2011


This my friends, is why we buy comic books!

When I say this book has it all, I am not exaggerating in the least. Mayhem, magic, mystery, mob bosses, demon guns that eat souls (sorry I thought the alliteration went on a little too long!), and best of all the most eclectic group of heroes that has ever been assembled! DnA and their troupe of artistic troubadours have managed to combine both break-neck action and a truly compelling mystery into the perfect comic amalgam.

Issue two brings Paladin into the forefront as he tries to discern exactly why some extremely lethal weapons have made their way into the hands of common thugs. Enter Misty Knight, in her "control" persona, as she "hires" Silver Sable to take down the weapons dealer, but not before they find out some disturbing news from Satana. The weapons are actually demons named "soulcutters" that bind themselves to the user! Ghost Rider is then "hired" to save Silver Sable, and Paladin discovers the most shocking news of all -- just where is Misty Knight?!

It is refreshing the way Abnett and Lanning have conceived their version of a "team" book. The characters are always in flux, never getting bogged down with ridiculous reasons for them to suddenly "bump" into one another and then team-up after half a book of in-fighting. The characters actually make sense for the situations at hand, and once the mission is complete, they go back to wherever they were before. It is an idea that has never been fleshed out to this degree of perfection before and it leaves me in awe at how easy they make it seem. 

Walker, Hennessy and Ramos round out an exceptional artistic team that brings the story to amazing fruition. Some forget how much story is actually told without words, but rather with simple pencils, inks and colors. From smash-mouth battle sequences to the subtlety of Paladin's fingers wiping dust off a desk, this trio gives the tale it's backbone - and depth. And the way Walker draws the Puppet Master is truly disturbing!

It has been a long time since a book has been produced that has combined intriguing sensibilities with the pure fun of character team-ups - and none that have ever been done this well before! If this is how the era of "street heroes" is going to be ushered in, hold on to your hats folks it is going to be an outstanding wild ride!