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Chris Bushley

Review: Heroes For Hire #1


HEROES FOR HIRE #1 PREVIEW WRITERS:  Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning PENCILER:  Brad Walker INKER:  Andrew Hennessy COLORS:  Jay David Ramos LETTERS:  VC's Joe Caramagna COVER ARTISTS:  Doug Braithwaite and Sonia Oback EDITOR: Bill Rosemann PUBLISHER:  Marvel RELEASE DATE:  December 2, 2010   Marvel's lords of the cosmos have stepped down from the heavens to grace us mere mortals with another exquisite tale of action and intrigue, one that takes place far from the dark void of space that DnA fans have grown accustomed to and yet still woven from the same rich tapestry of stories they are loved for.   The men that kept Marvel Cosmic in the hearts of fans over the last few years have made their way into the gritty underbelly of Hell's Kitchen and this "streetwise" fan couldn't be happier! Playing off of the success of the Shadowland crossover and Marvel's recent push of all things "street" related, Heroes For Hire encompasses everything DnA fans have come to expect -- great stories, great art and great characters! Some may scoff at the thought of Falcon, Misty Knight, Elektra, Paladin, Moon Knight and Black Widow as great characters, but it is all in the way they are used within a story that can make any character great or meek. DnA have a way of taking b-list and even c-list characters from their meager beginnings and projecting them to near stratospheric levels by letting the core of the character shine through. The mixing of characterization and a fresh approach to the Heroes for Hire mythos is what has made this book so good. Gone are the days of Luke Cage and Danny Rand fighting the good fight in a sort of "feel good" buddy movie. Here we have the high concept spy movie with operatives on call 24/7. Misty Knight has taken on the role of Marvel's very own "Oracle" character, preferring to be called "control" while enlisting her friends to clean up the streets in the wake of Shadowland. Her first assignment -- should you choose to accept it! --  is to take down all persons related to the making, selling and distribution of an Atlantean-based drug called "hook." And even though the mission is a success, we are given a surprise ending on par with any good spy drama. The feel of this book is one of nostalgia. We have all seen these characters before, some more so than others, which gives the story a comfortable feel, one that lets you be enveloped in the story instead of just reading along. There is a richness to it that is only heightened by the stylistic lines of Brad Walker. From close-up shots of Misty Knight calling operatives, which totally gave me flashbacks of the cult classic movie The Warriors, to the bombastic action scenes, Walker has the perfect artistic flow to mimic such a fluid story. From the very first panel of Falcon opening the manila envelope and inserting his ear piece, I was enthralled with this story. From artistic minimalism to high concept action, Abnett, Lanning and Walker make the perfect trinity to ensnare readers in an intriguing story that will hopefully bring some much needed attention to the "street-level" characters. So while Marvel tells us all to "look to the skies," I am content to keep my gaze upon the streets for I know gods now walk among us!