Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Art by:  Wes Craig

Colorist:  Nathan Fairbairn

Cover Art:  Alex Garner


Warning:  Contains Spoilers



Abnett and Lanning continue their Guardians of the Galaxy hot streak with issue #24.

First, let me talk about the art.  Craig really came around this time – delivering his best work on the series to date.  Fairbairn’s colors bring out the best elements in the art, and Garner’s cover is well done as usual.

Abnett and Lanning’s writing is magnificent.  I especially appreciated the opening battle sequences where each member of the team is introduced in an action sequence with the narrator saying, “This is how you fight when” and going on to explain the uniqueness of each character.  This wonderful, captivating storytelling technique not only elegantly introduces each character – but also serves to give we readers some insight into each character’s motivation.

I especially enjoyed seeing Gamora, Cosmo, Mantis, Martyr, and Major Victory cut loose and show what a destructive force they can be.  I especially enjoyed seeing Gamora back in action.  She has the distinction of delivering the favorite line this issue:  “That suit have a zipper?”

I enjoyed getting to learn a little more about Cosmo and Mantis.  Since they rarely go on missions; we know little about them.  This issue shows what both can do – physically and mentally – when they’re in the midst of a major throw down.

Starlord’s group also gets some face time in this issue.  Rocket is at his smart-alec best; and Groot steals the show in one panel.  The “surprise ending” is really not much of a surprise since the cover for #25 was released weeks ago.  Nevertheless, it will shake the 616 Universe to its core.

Bar none – Guardians of the Galaxy is the best science-fiction comic on the market.  I was truly saddened to hear it was going on hiatus after next month.  Seriously guys, buy two issues each (at a minimum) of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy.  The higher the sales, the more likely  these two excellent books will return from hiatus.

Article by:  Bill Meneese