Review: Green Lantern Corps #60

Tony Bedard
Tyler Kirkham
Rod Reis
Nei Ruffino
Pat Brosseau
Tyler Kirkham, BATT, Nei Ruffino
Release Date: 
May 25th, 2011


Bedard and Kirkham hold nothing back, this is THE quintessential Lantern book! You have read the first seven issues of War Of The Green Lanterns -- now read the best! 

A duo of Earth Lanterns, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart, are steadfast on their mission to break Mogo free from the clutches of the fearsome Krona. The largest Green Lantern continues to spew forth rings to any and all beings regardless of their moral compass, building a fierce army that is primed to do Krona's bidding. The only way to break Mogo free, is to enter deep into his core and use the combined rings of Hope and Compassion to play upon his emotions. But something lurks in the heart of Mogo, something that is far darker than even Krona, something that will cause the Green Lantern Corps to change forever!

Bedard surpasses even DC's "golden boy," Geoff Johns, with this one. Explosive and rousing, Chapter Eight is the book that everyone will be talking about. It is action packed, but doesn't just rely upon in your face battle scenes; it brings you right into the psyche of a soldier and the tough decisions he must make for the betterment of everyone. Decisions that are both shocking, yet necessary for the survival of the Corps. Though all have been well written, this is the first book of this crossover that I have been "wowed" by, and you will be too! It brings back aspects of previous crossovers and weaves them in perfectly, it didn't feel forced, but rather the corner piece in a great story. 

Kirkham's art was sharp and crisp, highly detailed and a blast to look at. He made the page burst with energy, heightening the excitement of the story to a deafening crescendo! It was the perfect compliment to Bedard's story, and I have to say, Stewart's final construct was AMAZING!

This is the one folks, the one that changes the game and the future of the Corps forever! I want to tell it all, but that would spoil your fun, so here's a little tease instead: A shard of darkness stabs at the heart of the Corps, leaving no Lantern untouched! There, now go get this book and be "blown away" (hint, hint) by Bedard's shocking tale!


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