Posted by: Matt McGloin
/ 4 years 10 weeks ago

Review: Green Lantern Corps #57




Writer: Tony Bedard

Penciller: Tyler Kirkham

Inker: Batt

Colorist: Nel Ruffino

Letterer: Steve Wands

Cover: Kirkham, Batt & Ruffino

Publisher: DC

Release Date: February 16th, 2011


*Warning: Spoilers*


If not for Tyler Kirkham's gorgeous interiors, Green Lantern Corps #57 could easily be dismissed - as it's little more than the same we saw from last issue.

While last issue finished with "Ooh-Rah" John Stewart - and you expect him to start off kicking ass in this issue - instead, we are introduced to Firestorm --  who really had no place appearing in this book.

From what I gather, Firestorm is looking for his evil counterpart, DeathStorm, as the Black Lantern stole the White Lantern. So Firestorm's search for White Lantern energy leads him to, of course, The Weaponer.

Now, I don't have a problem with this, but Firestorm - essentially- does nothing. As they build up to just what Firestorm is going to do -  they don't even show it! It's as if DC had to cut the two page spread of Firestorm. Wonder why that would be?

Getting back to John Stewart - I'm still waiting for them to do just that as he appears in one panel and nothing more. Ok, really three, but the two were tiny.

This issue was heavy on The Weaponer versus Sinestro batte, which did make this issue worthwhile on its own, but everything else was a garbled mess. The conclusion was saitisfying, and for me, unexpected.

Seeing how DC is "drawing the line at $2.99" and cutting out two pages - how about cutting out some splash pages to make up for the loss? This issue showed just how much two pages would have made a difference.

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