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Matt McGloin

Review: Green Lantern Corps #56




WRITER: Tony Bedard

PENCILLER: Tyler Kirkham

INKERS: Batt w/Rob Hunter

COLORIST: Nei Ruffino

LETTERER: Steve Wands

COVER: Kirkham, Banning & Ruffino


RELEASE DATE: January 19th, 2011


*Warning: Spoilers*


Green Lantern Corps #56 shows us why this title is currently the best Green Lantern book on the rack today.

Wow! What an issue! This has it all!

Artist Tyler Kirkham really out did himself, as we get fight scene after bombastic fight scene - pitting the Sinestro Corps vs the Qwardians vs the Green Lantern Corp! This is an all out action packed issue - that just doesn't stop!

Sinestro is simply bad ass. The sinister leader of the Yellow Lantern Corp exudes nothing but pure confidence and superiority. His impressive might is only outmatched by his vast intellectual capability. To be on the receiving end of his yellow power is a certain death - as the Yellow Lantern General wields only fear -- never mercy! As the mayhem engulfs everying, there is only Sinestro that stands above the chaos!

The Weaponer has called Sinestro out, and that my friends, might be the first mistake The Weaponer has ever made - and the last. The Weaponer's quest for vengeance, his use of Sinestro's daughter as bait, may have sealed the fate for every Qwardian, as well. The Weaponer, instead of taking Sinestro on directly, attempts to get the fallen Green Lantern to fight on his terms, which leads us to the events in this issue.

The Green Lantern Corps have been thrown in the middle as they have a truce with the Yellow Lanterns, albeit one that comes with certain "terms," and, at the same time, can't sit idly by letting potential genocide take place. What's a Corpsmen to do? Bedard ties the setting of this epic battle into the solution, which satisfies all sides to this party - I'm glad I wasn't invited! While not a GL Corps centered issue (some have been complaining out the lack of Hal in the main GL title), one Corps member in particular makes his presence felt - Hannu! This is part of Bedard's way around the Green Lantern-Yellow Lantern pact, and something we have seen before so it doesn't come off as appearing from left field. Don't be dismayed, though, as the book finishes on a GL-related high note: Can you say, "Ooorah?"

Spectacular page after page of raw emotional power coupled with an interwoven character driven story, Bedard and Kirkham have recruited me to the Green Lantern Corps! What say you?