Posted by: Byron Brewer

Review: Green Lantern Corps #28 (Jensen)

Van Jensen
Bernard Chang
Marcelo Maiolo
Dave Sharpe
Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maidlo
DC Comics
Release Date: 
February 12, 2014


Under the pen of writer Van Jensen, Green Lantern Corps is for its franchise leader what Avengers World is swiftly becoming for its namesake: A place where the characters, familiar and forgotten, can come together, discuss their diverse morals and mores, interact and, well, be characters.

No other character has benefitted from this like this book’s “star,” John Stewart. But in #28, we take the cap off of a secret side of my old pal Kilowog (Anyone recall he was not just a drill sergeant but a scientist as well? Me either!) and also Soranik Natu, who has been buzzing around and doing daring deeds but who has not been portrayed as deeply as Jensen does here in quite sometime. One wonders if she will remain here or be a part of the coming Sinestro ongoing in April.

With shapeshifters as their foes, it was only a matter of time before the GLC had to ask itself the time-honored comic book question: Are the enemies of my enemy my friend? We have seen how this has worked down through the years, but these Durlans are dangerous dudes (And no rings! Loving it!) so Jensen puts a new spin on the time-honored Gardner Fox plotline.

You thought the Green Lanterns were divided by Hal Jordan’s new status quo? Wait until this little plot thread has a chance to get to fruition!

Please, DC, give this book a better artist. Bernard Chang is too cartoony! John Stewart, et al deserve better.

Fun book, great read, sucky art.


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