Review: Green Lantern Corps #1 (Tomasi & Pasarin)

Peter J. Tomasi
Fernando Pasarin
Scott Hanna
Gabe Eltaeb
Patrick Brosseau
Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Randy Mayor
Release Date: 
September 21st, 2011


Though not a true "reboot," this book does come off as fresh and exciting as any of the "new" books. A refocus on the men that wield the emerald rings, Tomasi has crafted a tale that is full of realism without losing any of the cosmic fun that we are accustomed to.

I will admit, I am not a fan of the Guy Gardner character, but Tomasi has begun to chisel away at my hardened heart. To see the contrast between Hal Jordan in Green Lantern and Guy in the Corps book has really made me second guess the heart of the Guy character. While the greatest of the Lanterns seems to not be able to handle his humanity now that is all he has left, the most abrasive one is trying to juggle it all, not flourishing - but at least trying with all he his might.

But this book doesn't solely revolve around the heart of two men, Guy and John, pondering their role on earth. Tomasi has also weaved in a mystery that is quite horrific and leaves a bloody path behind it. A massacre that is brought to life by the very capable hands of artist Fernando Pasarin - who has completely blown me away with the amazing art brought to this book. It is fluid and precise, bringing detail to everything from a high school waiting room to an orbiting space station. Truly astounding!

Not exactly a book easily accessible to readers whom haven't flown amongst the Corps before, but it is still a great read for those that have seen a lot of action within the book over the last couple of years. It was great to see some down time in the book, especially for John Stewart who doesn't seem to have the patience for his fellow man anymore.

To quote CBN's own visionary creator, Matt McGloin, "Best Lantern book so far!" 


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