Posted by: Matt McGloin
/ 4 years 14 weeks ago

Review: Green Lantern #60


Writer: Geoff Johns Penciller: Doug Mahnke Inkers: Keith Champagne, Christian Alamy, Mahnke & Shawn Moll Colorist: Rod Reis Letterer: Nick J. Napolitano Cover: Gary Frank w/Nathan Eyring Publisher: DC Release Date: December 15th, 2010   *Warning: Spoilers as to the Identity of the Rogue Guardian*   Overall, I have been satisfied with the Green Lantern titles since Blackest Night concluded, but that is just it - only satisfied. The titles seem to be caught in a time-storm that causes temporal slowness. To put it another way, it is as if they are waiting for something to happen - or to get to a particular place - (maybe waiting for a certain someone to return from a certain movie set?) and only giving us relevant portions every now and then. It is Hal versus Parallax - again. Sure, it is a Flash possessed by the Yellow Lantern Entity, but it is more of the same with what does Hal fear. From there, we are taken to Sinesto and Acrotcitus who have been appearing in the various Brightest Day books together looking for the Red Lantern entity - for what seems like ages. However, with this issue our day does seem to get a little brighter (couldn't resist!) - but how much? The art was similar to the story in that I did not think too highly of it and, at the same time, did not feel as if it were awful. Details such as Hal's Lantern symbol on his chest should be a no-brainer. This issue sees it resemble one of those "puffy" stickers you received from your teacher in elementary school. At times, I even thought Hal looked too much like Kyle. For a book, that is the flagship of the Lantern titles, I expect better. The two plot lines mentioned above finally come to a close, or at least I can hope. Progression - that is what I want to see. Not only do we get that, as Hal confronts Parallax and Sinestro learns the fate of his daughter, but finally we are given the identity of the Rogue Guardian. Krona, here, is just a bit different (is that a fair statement?!) in the last page reveal compared to previous appearances. I have enjoyed Geoff Johns' writing, so I can wait for an explanation - and there better be one! However, I can sympathize with the hard core Green Lantern fans on this - as this has retcon written all over it. Wait and see. That sounds awfully familiar!

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