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Review: Green Lantern #30 (Venditti)

Robert Venditti
Martin Coccolo
Tony Avina
Alex Sinclair
Dave Sharpe
Billy Tan, Alex Sinclair
DC Comics
Release Date: 
April 2, 2014


It’s the Roy Thomas issue.

After a number of issues working to make the Green Lantern Corps responsible enough to police their own use of “the light,” learning to police their sectors without the power of their rings when able, getting used to life on Mogo, and generally changing the status quo, Hal Jordan has found his time to breathe.

That time is now.

After alien invasions, trouble with sciencell inmates and a spoiling of their pristine reputation as law enforcers, writer Robert Venditti takes a moment to let the readers – and Hal – stop to, if not smell the roses, at least get used to Mogo as Oa.

You have to hand it to Venditti, he has certainly not sat on the creations and continuous momentum of longtime scribe Geoff Johns. Instead he took the box of toys he inherited and turned that box upside down. From Relik to #30, the writer has done a fine job of making his own mark on this book and its franchise.

This month in Green Lantern, Hal returns to the guy he “really” is and also shows the power of diplomacy. It also allows the reader get through the action, which has been great and cosmic in this book, and see the mindset of the enemy, the Khund, through the eyes of its Captain Khu. Like the Captain himself, there is a bit of Star Trek lore herein.  

I am missing the wonderful visuals of Billy Tan. But artist Martin Coccolo does a great job with these pages, especially the 1970s Marvel-like vistas of Mogo and life as life in the beginning of the mag. Again, the art owes much of its beauty to colorists Tony Avina and Alex Sinclair who keep the book the most beautiful on the stands this week.

Venditti is creating a whole new Green Lantern world for us. I am glad I stayed post-Johns.


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