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Matt McGloin

Review: Fantastic Four #585


Fantastic Four #585 PREVIEW Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Steve Epting Color Artist: Paul Mounts Letterer & Production: VC's Rus Wooton Cover: Alan Davis, Mark Farmer & Javier Rodriquez Publisher: Marvel Release Date: November 24th, 2010   Fantastic Four #585 continues Jonathan Hickman's pay out to loyal readers as events from previous arcs, once again, come together. Plots from the Silver Surfer, Galactus and Nu-World are further developed, a shocking result to the Invisible Woman and Namor's meeting with the old King from the underwater city is witnessed -- and we see the return of an old fiend from the Negative zone! Hickman is to be commended for his portrayal of Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Here, we see that Galactus is in charge and the Surfer does thy bidding! It was quite excellent to see Galactus discussing his death with Reed while the Surfer goes about his chores. We see the Surfer use his Cosmic Awareness as he locates those responsible for the unnatural death of his master - loved it! Also, we are witness to the ship of Galactus! No, not his sphere - TA II! Hickman hooks the reader further in as the Galactus mentions the threat from the power of one of Reed's children! I also have to credit Jonathan Hickman for his writing of the true King of the Sea, Namor. Usually we see the First Mutant in a role where his help is requested and then he takes a turn. Here, Namor goes to the heart of the matter with no second guessing as to his intentions. I did feel Epting could have done a better job with Sue Storm's facial expressions as I seem to recall with last issue we were given a panel that showed much emotion; however, that was lacking in this issue. While Ma and Pa Richards are off conducting negotiations, Uncles Ben and Johnny are left for baby sitting duty. We see the difference between the children and normal "folk" with a retelling of the encounter with the Mad Thinker - which may be cause for alarm per the Galactus warning. I felt Epting's art was great at times, but when it came to facial expressions and depictions was a bit lacking - which could be a result of getting lost by the inking or coloring. Galactus hovering over the city from Johnny Storm's point of view looked amazing as did the panel with the Surfer being directed. The final page with Namor and the previous with the forces from the Negative Zone(!) were just as great. With Fantastic Four #585 we were given a real page turner! Everything about this made me want more and more! I do dread the fact I have to wait a month to read the next issue, but I can revel in the fact that a second reading of Hickman's current FF run can be had!