Posted by:
Chris Bushley

Review: Daredevil: Reborn #1 (of 4)




WRITER:  Andy Diggle

ARTIST:  Davide Gianfelice

COLORS:  Matt Hollingsworth

LETTERS:  VC's Joe Caramagna



RELEASE DATE:  January 12,2011


Far from the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen, Matt Murdock walks alone, searching for a peace that continues to elude him. A journey that will not only present new challenges, but make him face old evils that still cling to his soul.

That's how we begin Daredevil: Reborn, a four issue mini from the amazing Andy Diggle. A story of reflection that promises to shake Matt Murdock to his very core and bring back the hero we thought was lost. Diggle strips down Matt Murdock with a back to basics approach ( I couldn't tell you the last time it was even mentioned in a Daredevil book that he can read newsprint with his fingertips!), and it makes for one interesting read. We get a chance to delve deep into the psyche of Murdock and share his turmoil, all the while traveling to a town that is hiding some deep secrets of its own. Will Murdock be able to quell the rage within when he finds out how dark the town's secrets really are? Only Andy Diggle and his crew know for sure - but I am already on the edge of my seat!

Diggle has a way of opening up a character and exposing their true selves to the reader, a trait that is rarely seen. He uses subtlety and reflection to heighten those characters, making them so much richer than the 2D figures presented before us. Adding to the depth of character that Diggle gives us, is the simple line art of Davide Gianfelice. His art is light and airy, bringing a feeling of aloofness to the book that mimic's the "wherever the wind may blow" attitude of Murdock. It is the perfect compliment to Diggle's story and a drastic change from the dark and moody feel of the core Daredevil book. This is a team that I wish to see a lot more of! 

This is a key issue for Daredevil fans and the perfect jumping on point for all of those that missed out before. There is no need to know five hundred plus issues of history to enjoy the journey presented by this fantastic creative team - all you need is a craving for a good story. A man seeking to find himself while traveling alone across the forgotten roads of America - I heard even Bill Bixby approves!