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Byron Brewer

Review: Chaos War: Dead Avengers #2


CHAOS WAR: DEAD AVENGERS #2 PREVIEW COVER BY: Grummett, Hamscher & Firchow WRITER: Fred Van Lente PENCILS: Tom Grummett INKS: Cory Hamscher COLORS: Andy Troy LETTERS: Ed Dukeshire   When Chaos War ends its run and is discussed by fans of another generation like we talk of the works of Thomas, Miller and Starlin today, the single thing I believe they will recall with fondness is this three-issue mini. Now this is an Avengers book in the classic Marvel style and I am proud of writer Fred Van Lente for leaving the saga of Hercules and the nameless gods behind to instead concentrate on this wonderful story with the return of two strong Avengers villains, the Grim Reaper and Nekra. The fact that our team of stalwarts have been thrown out of the Afterlife because of its take-over by the Chaos King and their mission to safeguard the comatose living Avengers from final death brings a true sense of urgency to these pages that seems sorely lacking from the main event title. In CHAOS WAR: DEAD AVENGERS #2, Van Lente, aided and abetted by the beautiful and powerful art of Tom Grummett and Cory Hamscher, takes the time to bring depth to these characters that seems unheard of in a three-part mini. The particular focus of this issue is Mar-Vell, the obvious leader of these Avenging former stars, and Deathcry, the ticking time bomb of the group. But do not think the others miss panel time. The Vision and Yellowjacket have some great moments as they struggle to keep the living Avengers safe from harm. And Dr. Druid gets the chance many a murdered hero would like: he confronts his killer, and not in the expected way. Van Lente seems to know the voice of these characters. They are not just images drawn in with word balloons over their heads to make a much-publicized mini pay off. This is Mar-Vell, this is the Vision: these are the characters we have known and loved for years, even unto their deaths. My heart fairly cracks when Yellowjacket, a character I never really gave a d’ast about, asks the Vision: “Do you know if that is why we came back? So we could have second chances?” I wish that answer was affirmative, because this book would definitely be on my pull list. The team itself, even with its inclusion of the not-so-beloved Dr. Druid, is a great one: another rag-tag bunch of former champions, all looking for redemption. (Remind you of any former occupants of Knowhere, cosmic fans?) From its strong and very Avenger-y cover to its climax, this type of story is what we should see from each and every book that bares the name Avengers.