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Byron Brewer

Review: Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1


Chaos War: Dead Avengers # 1 PREVIEW COVER BY: Tom Grummett, Cory Hamscher & Frank D’ArmataWRITER: Fred Van LentePENCILS: Tom Grummett INKS: Cory Hamscher COLORS: Andy Troy LETTERS: Ed Dukeshire PUBLISHER: Marvel RELEASE DATE: November 17th, 2011   I know a secret about Fred Van Lente that has nothing to do with the ongoing Chaos War event. What? Well, turns out Mr. Van Lente, frequent keeper of the Marvel U.’s Olympian Files along with cohort Greg Pak, is one helluva(n) Avengers scribe! Whoda thunk it? Well, knowing the excellent treatments Atlas, Thor and Herc himself received in Incredible Hercules, me! But CHAOS WAR: DEAD AVENGERS #1 secures Van Lente’s worthiness to not only chronicle these heroes when an “event book” under his authorship is under way but any damn time he wants! From its awesome Twilight Zone opening with a handful of fallen Avengers amid the comatose bodies of today’s Assemblers to the Buscema-like appearance of the Vision’s “brother,” the Grim Reaper, in the last panel, this book, sadly only a three-issue mini, screams “Avengers!” And you cannot get a higher compliment than that from a reviewer who cut his comics teeth on the best of Roy Thomas and John Buscema! Van Lente, without very few pages (if any) passing, somehow knows the voices of these characters. From Mar-Vell’s protector aura to the Swordsman’s search for redemption to the haughty Dr. Druid to the loneliness and unique worldview of the Vision, the scribe has these characters down pat! Deathcry seems crazier than ever (nice to have a Shi’ar and a Kree in here!) and Yellowjacket just as clueless as I recall, lol. On behalf of all of Marvel Cosmic, thank you for returning (albeit briefly) Captain Marvel – the real Captain Marvel – to the pages of a 21st century mag! I know most if not all of our heroes from this mini will be returning to the hereafter once the menace of the Chaos King is quelled (if it is!), but it would be nice for the Vision or another tortured soul to remain behind. There is so much one or more of them could do in today’s world. The art team of Tom Grummett and Cory Hamscher has kept up with Mr. Van Lente, giving us a comic book to be proud of. The panels in which Mar-Vell (again, the hairs on my neck are tingling!) becomes one with the universe while using his Cosmic Awareness and in which the Grim Reaper returns along with the splash of the Dead Avengers standing amongst the comatose are all worth the price of admission. While my feelings about Chaos War as a whole have not been the best, this mini raises the event to a whole new level. I cannot wait to see what the Reaper has in store for our deceased heroes. I just have a selfish wish Wonder Man had been among them. Now that woulda been Cemetery Soap Theatre!