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Byron Brewer

Review: Chaos War #3


CHAOS WAR #3 PREVIEW Cover: McGuinness & Hollowell Writers: Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak Pencils: Khoi Pham Inks: Tom Palmer Colors: Sunny Gho Letters: Simon Bowland Publisher: Marvel Release Date: November 3rd, 2010   The first issue of this “event” by Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak was fun and I loved the possibilities All-Father Hercules might have in combating the Chaos King and I certainly looked forward to the reassembly of the God Squad, this incarnation to include the Silver Surfer and even Big G! By CHAOS WAR #3, the fun seems to have dissipated and the book seems to be throwing things onto the cosmic curtain to see what will stick. Zeus, once a pillar of the Marvel Mythos as mightily portrayed by King Kirby’s powerful pencils, has already “died” twice (or was it three times, I am losing count), Earth’s heroes were silenced in two panels and those we once worshipped are proving to be the most selfish entities of all. (If these Sky-Fathers are all that stood between us and the Fourth Celestial Host, all I can say is thank the … well, “gods” for Odin and the Goddesses’ plan!) This issue seems less and less like anything that could ever compete with The Infinity Guantlet or Annihilation and more like the dismal Contest of Champions limited series of 1982. And at least that had the art of JRJR and Bob Layton going for it. CW #3 makes some of Khoi Pham’s Mighty Avengers work look decent by comparison!  Even the “shocking” betrayal in the last panel is no saving grace, I am afraid. Now not all is bad. I still love the concept and am looking forward to offshoots CW: Dead Avengers #1-3 and the CW: God Squad one-shot. I am in awe of the core heroes assembled for this adventure, but I still get that “try this, then try that” feeling about the script, the art … the whole effort. I was hoping for more out of Sersi and Hellstorm in this series, but so far it seems they are Character D and Character E. Maybe God Squad can redeem this lack of character concentration. Before this “event” advanced, I was one of its biggest cheerleaders on the Cosmic Book News forum. Now I will have to learn from Editor/Publisher Matt McGloin how to “Unlike” some of my statements, so to speak. Looking forward to the Van Lente/Pak take on Mar-Vell in Dead Avengers Nov. 17! See you there!