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Matt McGloin

Review: Batman: The Dark Knight #1


BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #1 PREVIEW Written, Pencilled and Cover By: David Finch Inked By: Scott Williams Colored By: Alex Sinclair Lettered By: Dave Sharpe Publisher: DC Release Date: December 29th, 2010   Be forewarned: I'm not much of a "Batman" fan or a regular reader of "street-level" type books. I wanted to get that out of the way in case any of the die hard "Bat" fans don't agree with what I have to say. Personally, I can't stand when a Reviewer reviews a "cosmic" book and doesn't like the "space" books, (lol). Of course, they are not going to like them! However, I am going into this with an open mind. Again, I don't blame you if you find this review at odds with your opinions. Batter's up! From reading about all the recent hype regarding Batman, plus David Finch being on this one, I decided to give it a try. Now, I am not sure how many Batman titles there are - but I think they about number the same as Marvel's Avengers -- a gazillion! I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I hoped it wasn't the PC-related Batman from Incorporated that's been blogged about, or the time traveling Bat-Bandit from Return of Bruce Wayne. It wasn't, so I'm ahead from the get-go. Another plus: I had no idea Finch was writing this! That was a surprise to me as I thought maybe that "Scott Williams" guy listed on the cover was the writer. Not so!  This piqued my curiosity even more. Now, as I said, I'm not a regular Bats reader so Finch being on the writing chores may be a terrible thing, or not, depending on your view. Me? I thought Finch did a pretty decent job. I am more familiar with Finch from his gorgeous covers;  DC was right to spring this guy from Marvel. His interiors match the quality he portrays in all those exteriors you have seen as of late out. Good Stuff. Remember how I said, "I do not read Batman?" Well, this is the first issue I picked up in a long while - and its just like every other Batman story that I have read. Granted I haven't read a ton, but this is the same old song and dance. Heck, it even has the Penguin taking control of the Batmobile ala Batman Returns and "trapping" Batman - as if! Now, I'm sure that didn't happen first in the movies, so it's more of the same from previous comics. Also, we have Batman hunting down a strung out Killer Croc. To extract the information he needs, Batman cons Croc into thinking he has an antidote for Croc's drug of choice. Croc 'fesses up real quick - they all do that with Batman, don't they? This does have some intriguing elements in the fact that this relates to Bruce Wayne's childhood. I found that aspect interesting, and Finch does build and maintain the story. For me, it just seemed the typical Batman story. I felt as if Finch were almost playing it "safe" in his initial outing. Overall, this was just an average book for me - the saving grace being Finch's art. I'll give this another issue or two, but really - it was nothing new under the sun -- or moon!