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Chris Bushley

Review: Avengers: The Children's Crusade #3


Avengers: The Childrens Crusade #3 PREVIEW WRITER:  Allan Heinberg PENCILS:  Jim Cheung INKERS:  Mark Morales w/ Jim Cheung COLORS:  Justin Ponsor LETTERS:  VC's Cory Petit COVER:  Jim Cheung & Justin Ponsor PUBLISHER: Marvel RELEASE DATE: November 10th, 2010   A lack of action does not detract from the best character driven book on the shelves, in fact, it gives the reader a chance to dig deeper into the complexities of our heroes!   Heinberg and Cheung continue their rich tale of the Young Avengers, Magneto and Quicksilver, making a very loose arrangement to find Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlett Witch. Cheung's art is as stunning as ever and is only enhanced by the amazing colors of Justin Ponsor, making this book one of the most artistic series of the past decade. Every panel is a rich tapestry that unfolds before the eyes, revealing details in both foreground and background that is rarely seen. It is a true testament to the skills of both Cheung and Ponsor.   Not only does the art delight the reader but the story does as well. Though most will say that this is nothing more than a "build up" issue, and it is, it is the depth of conversations between characters that gives the book it's heart. The seething rage and disgust between Magneto and his son, Quicksilver, is palpable as they repress their hate in front their young companions. Hulkling's  threatening ultimatum to Quicksilver is a perfect characterization of his love for Wiccan and his brutal tendencies to defend that love. Wiccan's letter to Hulkling is full of insecurities for his decision to enter Latveria on his own and yet takes the time to express how much these characters care for one another. Heinberg really has a deep sense of who these characters are and takes the time to add layers of realism to them with each issue. Though the Young Avengers have only been used sparingly throughout the years, Heinberg has made them some of the most fleshed out characters in the Marvel Universe.   Speaking of characters in the Marvel U., Heinberg also gives us a look at some characters that are used more than enough, the Avengers. Particularly, one Avenger that is used more than pain pills on the set of a Jackass movie -- Wolverine! Through a discussion on what will be done with Wanda when she is found, we see why Wolverine is on every Avengers team except the one led by Steve Rogers. Here's a hint--SNIKT!! We are also given a look into why Wonder Man has taken such an explosive attitude with his former teammates in the pages of The Avengers. For Avengers fans it was a true treat and explains certain questions that Mr. Bendis has yet to address.   Between amazing conversations, mind numbing art, cliff hangers, revelations and a brief history of Dr.Doom - this is the book that all X and Avengers fans should be reading! So shut off your computer and get to the shops before this book is sold out -- oops too late! Better get in line for issue 4 now while you still have a chance!