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Byron Brewer

Review: The Avengers #7


Avengers #7 PREVIEW COVER BY: Romita Jr., Janson & WhiteWRITER: Brian Michael BendisPENCILS: John Romita Jr.INKS: Klaus Janson with Tom PalmerCOLORED BY: Dean White with Mounts & BeredoLETTERED BY: VC’s Cory Pettit PUBLISHER: Marvel RELEASE DATE: November 17th, 2011   This sounds strange to say, probably even more strange to read since Brian Michael Bendis has been handling this franchise in one form or another for years now – and that dedication is appreciated – but I think Bendis is finally coming into his own in writing the quote-classic-unquote Avengers story. AVENGERS #7 is the beginning of another, I can tell. This is the way to start an arc: Mine some Marvel Universe history (like Jonathan Hickman, Bendis is nosing around the post-Attilan landscape of the Inhumans, only on Earth and not the Moon); pick up some forgotten threads from this book or another (the ownership of the Infinity Gems by the Illuminati); bring in a new potential Avenger when possible (the Red Hulk); check up on subplots, as they now exist, from this book (Wonder Man and his new attitude); sandwich in some relaxed heroes having fun (Thor with that sub sandwich and Logan’s apparent comments!); and, if you can, stir with Jarvis the Great! That is exactly how this Infinity Gauntlet arc begins, and I look forward as Mr. Bendis tries to naysay the Powers That Be at Marvel by actually utilizing “Cosmic” in his stories. Although many will not admit it, I and many of my fellow Marvel Cosmic fans at CBN appreciate the effort. (Ultron, Kang and the Elder Hulk and Stark were far out in issues 1-6!) Nice to see friendly smiles on the former and future dynamic duo of Shellhead and Goldilocks as they confront Simon in San Fran. They are absolutely shocked by his motives, which surprises me a bit from Iron Man, but WM is now the definite threat he was meant to be way back in Avengers #9. (I am loving that Bendis is using these older characters – Immortus, Kang, Wonder Man and, to an extent, a Hulk – from the Lee/Kirby run of the book while mixing in the Bendis touches – the Hood, the Illuminati.) The Red Hulk made a great intro into AvengersTower, and we got to meet Noh-Varr’s girlfriend! How long has it been since a civilian was in an Avengers HQ (not counting Cho at the Infinite Mansion)? And what can I say about the tour-de-force by art team John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson and Dean White? Is it the involvement of my longtime inking idol, Tom Palmer, herein making me love this all the more? Great to see his name on a book I am going fanboy gaga over! If I would have any complaint about this issue, it seemed, well, short! I have not counted pages, but the great backup feature running here and in New Avengers more than makes up for it. I feel through writing this first-person account, Bendis’ knowledge of and appreciation for the history that is the Avengers’ is growing and today’s stories are improving! Well done, all. Bring on the Illuminati!