Posted by:
Byron Brewer

Review: Astonishing Thor #2




Story: Robert Rodi

Art: Mike Choi

Colors: Frank d’Armata

Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover: McGuinness & Martin

Publisher: Marvel

Release Date: January 26th, 2011


I am really digging this kinda continuity-free Thor adventure. The scripting is great, the art is phenominal and the backdrop is deep space. What more could a cosmic comic lover want?

This will truly be a beautiful collectable when Marvel assembles it into a TPB. The scope of this mystery surrounding Ego, the Stranger (my favorite Marvel Cosmic character, as followers of the CBN forum know) and, re-introduced this issue, the Collector, has been wondrous.

Apparently the Stranger had something to do with Ego’s “real” origin and, guess what? There is an evil Ego twin, caught in a pocket universe on the other side of our solar system in the ship of the Collector.

It is the Thunder God’s intent to rescue this sentient being, Alter Ego (!) before the arrival of the Living Planet. But due to some surprising and unforeseen treachery, Goldilocks may wind up as Evil-Ego’s breakfast!

Every panel by Mike Choi and Frank d’Armata is to be taken in slowly. It truly makes one wonder of the illustrations the King would be able to produce had he stayed on Thor and unleashed some cosmic New Gods-like concepts there. If only he had returned to Thor instead of The Eternals, Cap and the Black Panther

Anyway, the Power Primordial of the Collector is seen to great effect in this issue, and I look forward to meeting Alter Ego next time around.

As I said before, four bucks is four bucks. This series is definitely worth the coin!