Review: The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 #7


Writers: Claudio Sanchez & Peter David Artist: Chris Burnham Colorist: Zac Atkinson and Krista Ward Letterer: Johnny Lowe Publisher: Boom! Studios Release Date: December 22nd, 2010   In this issue, at last, the trial of Wilhelm Ryan! Last issue, Inferno’s rebel army and his family of IRO-Bots along with a host of the Prise, the literally angelic warrior women charged with carrying out God’s will, shattered Wilhelm Ryan’s Red Army, taking the “Tri-Mage” himself prisoner. Ryan gave himself up with barely token resistance, however, and something was clearly amiss. In this issue, we see a great deal of the history behind, and insight into, the life and works of Wilhelm Ryan. His discourses on why he is God are fascinating and, within the context of the story, frighteningly logical. At the same time, we bounce back and forth between Claudio Kilgannon’s wrangling with the rogue Prise Ambellina (who believes, likely right so, that Ryan is not so much defeated as biding his time), Mayo Deftinwolf (the leader of Ryan’s army) and his torturing of the captured IRO-Bot Sizer, and Al the Killer’s latest conquest. While all these threads will surely come together later in the series, the scenes with Claudio and Al seemed like filler. They add very little to this issue and served only to make me wish we saw more of Wilhelm’s trial. Wilhelm was easily the star of this issue and the most interesting character in it. His description of himself and the events he set in motion during the course of his lifetime did, as he put it, make him seem to be the most sane person in the room. While the last issue left me a bit flat, this issue has circled back around nicely and, while lacking in much action, the dialogue and the history unfolding within more than held my attention. At this point, I am genuinely excited to learn more about Ryan. I don’t often root for the villain in a series, but this time I want him to escape his bonds simply so we can learn more about him. All in all, a fine addition to the Amory Wars saga and one of the better issues of this particular series.