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Retailers Skip Out On Bendis' Guardians Of The Galaxy 0.1


5412 We get more from a retailer conference call with Brian Michael Bendis.

Previously, the writer discussed his troubles writing Rocket Raccoon as well as a couple good choices to voice the character in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Now we get a bit of an update on the comics.

This month will see the Bendis-era begin on Guardians of the Galaxy with it getting relaunched starting with a special 0.1 issue.

Well, it turns out that retailers really didn't bothering ordering too many of these as David Gabriel, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales, lets it be known.

"David Gabriel said he suspects retailers massively under ordered the #0.1 issue," reports Bleeding Cool.

Gabriel does go on to state that "orders of Guardians #1 are impressive."

What this most likely means is that retailers will be finding on come new comic book day that their orders for Guardians of the Galaxy have been doubled, much the same way Marvel did with the 2011 Point One that nobody wanted.

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