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Matt McGloin

Reasonably Priced Comics Announces First Issue


Press Release   [[wysiwyg_imageupload:91:]]Reasonably Priced Comics is proud to announce the first issue of its new seasonal anthology, Reasonably Priced Comics #1, boasting three great stories from three great creative teams, all for under three bucks! Sci-fi, humor and horror, it has something for every taste!   In the inaugural issue:   "Voyaga," the new science fiction series from Brandon Barrows (JACK HAMMER) and Rudolf Montemayor (HOLLOW EYED MARY, OUTER SPACE MEN). Dean Kirkland was to be the first human being to leave behind our solar system; instead, the world left him behind. Now, he's alone in a world he's only beginning to understand. His real journey begins here!   "Chu's World: My Girlfriend is a Gamer," cartoonist Chu Wei's (FOURTHEWIN, CHU'S WORLD) light-hearted look at the daily trials and tribulations a typical gamer girl puts her boyfriend through. Will Anna ever be able to use the Staff of Awesomeness? Will Jake ever get a turn to play?   "Laces," by Martin Brandt II (DEAD FUTURE, STITCHWORK, CLOCKWORK ANGEL) and Silvina Rinaldi (STITCHWORK, CLOCKWORK ANGEL), is a horror tale in the spirit of Basil Wolverton and the other horror greats of the 1950s. Who is stealing Gran-Gran's shoelaces and why? What is going on in this seemingly ordinary nursing home?   Reasonably Priced Comics #1   Cover by Ionic   $2.50   In stores December 22nd, 2010!