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Matt McGloin

Quasar Vs. Hulk! What Say You? I'll take the Qulk!


QULK NOVA #18 So cosmic fanboys! Who would win in a battle between the Cosmic Avenger Quasar and the Incredible Hulk! Voice your opinions over at the CBN Facebook Page! As long as Wendell wouldn't let Bruce grab ahold of him I would have to give this one to the Qster! During the Infinity War crossover we have seen Quasar make a quantum-bubble that was near impenetrable. Hulk couldn't even smash it - but that was Professor Hulk who some argue is not the strongest. Judging from World War Hulk, the Green Scar may be the mightiest Hulk there is. Could Hulku take out the Avatar of Infinity? Head on over to our FB page and share your thoughts! Next up - Nova vs Thor!