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Matt McGloin

Proud to be an American? Not Captain America: First Avenger


pic reports that the Captain America: First Avenger movie will drop "Captain America" from the title in the countries of Russia, South Korea and the Ukraine. The movie will just be called "The First Avenger."

They state Marvel Studios has been mulling the move for some time and was concerned that the words "Captain America" in the title might make it a hard sell.

According to EW, a source said the reason was for brand management - not politically motivated ones.

I wonder how many billions we have given these countries - that  they are going to be so upset over "America" being in the title? What's next? Change Captain America's costume and shield from red, white and blue to a red and yellow with a hammer and sickel?

This isn't the first time a movie studio has dropped the term from a movie. In Superman Returns (2006), "the American way" was dropped from the famous saying associated with the Man of Steel, "truth, justice and the American way."