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Matt McGloin

Preview Trailer: V Unholy Alliance - Season 2 Episode 4



Last night's "V" was pretty good! Show seems to be getting better with each episode.

Here is the preview for episode 4, "Unholy Alliance" which hits in two weeks - February 1st, 2011.

This episode features Oded Fehr who played in The Mummy movies and also Jay Karnes from the FX show "The Shield."

In This Episode:

After the radical faction of the Fifth Column murders three Peace Ambassadors, Erica goes on a mission to hunt down their leader, Eli Cohn, a former Mossad agent.

Jack and other priests around the globe begin to speak out against the Visitors, Anna heads to the Vatican in an effort to convince the leaders of organized religion that the Visitors truly are “of peace,

In the episode, Jay Karnes guest stars as Chris Bolling, an FBI agent now assigned to work with Erica; while Oded Fehr will play Eli Cohn, the leader of a much more radical group opposed to the Visitors.