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Matt McGloin

Preview Images: Smallville "Beacon"


The CW has releaed stills (below) from the February 4th episode of Smallville.

This is the episode that has caused a bit of controversy as it is similar to the recent shooting in Arizona.

Here is the official synopsis:

MARTHA KENT COMES HOME — Clark is surprised to see Martha on the news speaking at a pro-vigilante rally. However, surprise quickly turns to horror when he and Lois watch as Martha gets shot on national television. Meanwhile, Lionel reveals himself to the world and reclaims LuthorCorp from Tess and Oliver. Lois and Chloe decide to cheer Clark up by showing him videos from thousands of vigilante supporters professing their support for The Blur.

Smallville returns Friday, January 28th at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central with "Collateral."

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