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Pak Continues His Ride Of The Spaceways With The Silver Surfer!


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:88:]]As teased at the NYCC by VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, Marvel's Cosmic's silver lining shows through in a Silver Surfer mini from Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia! (Editor's Note, See: Marvel’s Answer to Green: Silver? Marvel Cosmic’s Lustrous Lining) Pak previously surfed the spaceways with Norin Radd taking the Surfer Surfer from the pages of "Planet Hulk," as the Silver Savage, to Skaar: Son of Hulk where the Sentinel of the Spaceways became enslaved to the Wielder of the Old Power.  From there we saw the Surfer appear in Paul Jenkins' Son of Hulk up against evil twin, Hiro-Kala. The Hulk scribe wasn't finished there as the Incredible Hercules summoned both the Surfer and Galactus to take on the forces of the Chaos King as part of the new God Squad in the current Marvel Cosmic event, Chaos War. Come February, per the official press release (below), Greg Pak continues his ride with a Silver Surfer five issue mini where we see the High Evolutionary on the cover! The HE has been popping in up in various places all around the Marvel U. as of late. What role will the god-maker play here?! In addition to his many Hulk appearances, the Silver Surfer has appeared in the pages of Beta Ray Bill, Nova and the recent Marvel Cosmic blockbuster event The Thanos Imperative. Stay tuned to Cosmic Book News for all your cosmic news and look for a interview with Greg Pak  - coming soon!   Press Release Marvel Announces Pak And Segovia’s New Silver Surfer Series! The herald of Galactus returns this February in the pages of Silver Surfer, from the electrifying creative team of Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia! The dreaded herald of the world-eater returns to Earth, but what fate does the High Evolutionary hold for the man behind the sentinel of the spaceways?! “Introducing him as the Silver Savage in "Planet Hulk" was ridiculously fun. Now we're having a chance to do something even more insane, telling a story utterly grounded in human emotion that embraces the Surfer's cosmic mythology while shattering all expectations” says writer, Greg Pak. “This is the Surfer you've always loved and a Surfer you've never seen before. Long-time fans, dontcha dare miss it! New readers, come on in -- this is a perfect jumping on point for rediscovering Marvel's shining, silver star.” The wielder of the power cosmic has survived many battles, but can anything prepare him for what lies ahead? Find out in February when the game-changing Silver Surfer #1 (of 5) debuts in comic shops everywhere!   SILVER SURFER #1 (of 5) Written by GREG PAK Pencils by STEPHEN SEGOVIA Cover by CARLO PAGULAYAN Rated T+--..$2.99 COMING THIS FEBRUARY! Cover by CARLO PAGULAYAN Rated T+--..$2.99 COMING THIS FEBRUARY!