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Now Zack Snyder On Star Wars Might Be True


5051 Chalk it up to entertainment news and rumors, but the news(?) or rumor(?) yesterday that said Man of Steel director Zack Snyder (pictured right with Henry Cavill) will be doing a possible Star Wars movie might actually have some weight behind it.

The original story saw it said that Zack Snyder will be doing a Star Wars movie not related to Episode VII, VIII or IX, and based on Seven Samurai, with production set to begin following filming on Episode VII.

However, shortly after that, news surfaced from reps for Snyder that stated he is not involved in any Star Wars movies. They said he is too busy working on the Man of Steel and 300 sequel (which doesn't really make sense as we pointed out, as "his" Star Wars would begin well after those two movies would most likely be already completed).

Now, we get a contradictory report to that one as Jeff Sneider, a reporter for Variety, can "guarantee" that Zack Snyder pitched a Star Wars movie to Kathleen Kennedy.

Via Twitter:

No clue how REAL the Zack Snyder - Star Wars offshoot rumors are but I GUARANTEE he met with Kathy Kennedy to pitch her that Seven Jedi idea

Perhaps Kennedy shot down Zack Snyder's pitch and that is why his reps shot the rumor down.

Or perhaps they are just waiting until the time is right for an announcement.

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