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Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek! Now Your Kids Can Exterminate!




These are awesome!

Forget the kids - mom and dad want one of their own! At least I do!

What's the weight limit on these?

The Welsh toy company [email protected] has been able to develop a Ride-In Dalek from the BBC's Doctor Who!

Check out the trailer. Following the brief video are the specs from the [email protected] website.



The most popular character from the No.1 BBC Science Fiction Show, Dr Who is here! The day of the Daleks has finally arrived with an amazing first for Welsh Toy Company [email protected] as they launch the first ever Ride-in Dalek toy for children. Using a unique and patented concept of an inflatable body attached to a high density plastic base, the [email protected] innovative design team have come up with a safe, strong and exciting toy which meets all the new essential safety standards.

BBC Worldwide says “we have always dreamed of developing a Ride-in toy Dalek, but no-one had previously been able to achieve this for us. We are so excited by the [email protected] project; this will be an industry first for us”.

The Dalek body is made from a mixture of ballistic nylon/laminated rubberised polyvinyl which is soft and tactile to the touch. This makes the Ride-in very durable, structurally safe, tear resistant and easy to inflate and assemble. The Dalek has a 6v battery powered motor which gives 360 degree steering and a maximum speed of 3km per hour. The battery is re-chargeable and comes complete with country specific charger. The steering wheel has 10 authentic Dalek phrases that are button activated. The ride-in comes with flashing lights for an atmospheric glow, giving the child the maximum realistic feeling of being in the Dalek and moving around like a Dalek.

The Ride-in is surrounded by a soft bumper to protect furniture and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors activity (providing there is a flat surface). Age ranges are 3 years to 6 years old, with a 30kgs maximum child weight. The Ride-in comes in 2 parts – a motorised base and inflatable body section. An In-store video will be available for promotions.

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