Posted by: Matt McGloin
/ 2 years 14 weeks ago

Now Dan Slott Is Receiving Death Threats Surrounding Amazing Spider-Man #700 Spoilers


4772 According to Dan Slott, writer on Amazing Spider-Man and the upcoming controversial Superior Spider-Man, enough is enough already.

First, complete issues of Amazing Spider-Man 698-700 landed online revealing spoilers as well as for Superior Spider-Man, well in advance of Diamond shipping them to retailers -- suggesting more of an internal "leak."

For the majority of the fans that did get a peek at the spoilers, they probably just saw the last page or two of the aforementioned issues, which really revealed nothing different than the Amazing Spider-Man #698 issue that saw Doc Ock switch bodies with Peter Parker.

Now, fans are apparently taking to Twitter and Facebook harassing the writer on what went down, so much so, that Slott even says he is getting death threats.

"Reality check: There is NO such thing as a 'funny death threat,'" Slott posted on his Facebook. "Especially if you TAG someone in it. If you think, because of something happening to a FICTIONAL character, that you need to type out a death threat and SEND it to someone: You. Need. Help. If you follow my twitter, you know I've taken a devilish bit of delight in re-posting these (mainly because they usually make the OP look like a raving loon-- and, for a time, that WAS funny to me.) Well... That's over. From now on, they ALL get reported. The End."

From Dan's own words it seems he was adding fuel to the fire by "having fun" and posting them to his social media accounts, but now it seems the fanboys have gotten out of control. Hopefully, things don't continue and the authorities don't need to get involved.

My advice? Don't like it, don't buy it. Hit'em where it hurts -- their wallets.

Marvel EIC Axel Alonso also recently released a statement that they are investigating the leaks.

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