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Matt McGloin

November '10 Comic Sales: Thanos' Order Out of Chaos


November sales are in and once again The Thanos Imperative out sells Marvel latest cosmic event Chaos War. While the "exact" numbers are not in yet, TI #6 came in at #56 beating out the main Chaos War title, Chaos War #3 (#61), and tie-ins Chaos War: Dead Avengers (#88) and Chaos War: Thor (#93). While the margin between TI #6 and CW #3 isn't much, it must be noted that TI didn't star any Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Men, Iron-Men, Thor, Cap and the like. In addition, being the last of the series which usually sells the least, kudos to TI for outselling a third event issue. Only Chaos War #1 outsold TI, which doesn't mean much considering it's a first issue. If anything, I hope Marvel realizes there is still a market that wants hard sci-fi cosmic comics. In related news, DC took eight of the top ten spots for November! The plethora of Batman releases, in addition to Brightest Day and GL, saw DC practically on par with Marvel in terms of sales. Marvel squeaked ahead with 34.45% of the month's dollar share to DC's 33.08%. Can DC keep this up as many of their Batman titles were one shots, new releases or series concluding events? Time will tell. Also, when is the last time DC achieved this? What does this say to Marvel? It tells me Marvel needs to bring back the Big Event! These smaller events with a gazillion tie-ins are burning out readers. The smaller events just don't drum up enough -overall- excitement, meaning fans of Daredevil and fans of Herc or Thor just don't get excited over each other's events. However, throw in a Marvel Universe wide event and fans go crazy! I know I constantly read that Marvel says it fans are tired of the big events, but I disagree. Big events create big buzz - and that's a good thing. Small events create little buzz - not so good. Perhaps, keeping the Big Event tied into books already on the rack and not creating a gazillion one shot tie-ins would be best. Marvel seems to have shied away from this with the less popular books suffering. Getting back to November, sales are down 6.64% compared to October and down 8.28% compared to a year ago. The saving grace for November was Graphic Novel sales, particularly Kirkman and Image Comics' The Walking Dead Volume 13: Too Far Gone TPB which took the top spot. For more sales info head you can on over to Newsarama. G8MZJH38JHFX