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Nova/Guardians of the Galaxy returning with "Cable Reborn?"; Also, not the title


picLots of good info coming from Tom Brevoort, Marvel SVPP, in this week's "Talk To The Hat" over at CBR.

Now this is pure speculation on my part, and I guess wishful thinking, but something that Brevoort mentioned caught my eye.

For one, he stated that the recently announced "Cable Reborn" from Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness is not the actual title.

"I should probably also mention that CABLE REBORN isn’t actually the title of the project they’re doing, it’s just the small tip of the iceberg that we can tell you about at this point. The full title will be revealed in a few months’ time."

Next, Tom continues stating there will be another story by Loeb and McGuiness in the Marvel Point One one shot that hits in November.

"There’ll be some additional information in the POINT ONE one-shot, which also features a story by Jeph and Ed that isn’t about Cable at all…"

Could it be about the return of Nova, Star-Lord and/or the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Just last weekend at the San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada made a remark to Jeph Loeb about Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

In addition, it has been stated that Loeb is to helm a new era of Marvel Cosmic.

Plus, our rabid CBN forum members continue to hound Mr. Brevoort on his Form Spring on all things Nova - returning! - with Tom stating, "I know exactly when Nova will be back on the printed page."

Regarding the last time we saw Cable, "Well they never really showed him die," said CBN's own "X"-pert, Chris "DOC" Bushley. "But he was crushed while holding open a portal from the future, and the only thing left was his techo-arm."

Could this new "Cable Reborn" be the new Guardians of the Galaxy? From there, will Nova follow suit?

As I said, pure speculation, and given that it was Bastion's future where Cable may be "stuck" - I haven't been able to find any connection to Guardians of the Galaxy whatsoever.

I suppose both Nova and Star-Lord could have ended up wherever Cable is, and they form a new GoTG. Why, how and when? No idea.

So any ideas Cosmic fans? Any connections between Cable and the original or recently departed Guardians of the Galaxy - or even Nova? Other than Jeph Loeb reportedly tackling all three?

Update: Nova and Cable are Connected; It's "Child's Play"

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