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Matt McGloin

Nova Prime Page Might Shut Down Over Bendis' Garbage of the Galaxy



As the loyal fans know, Annihilation that was launched in 2006 by Keith Giffen and editor Andy Schmidt ushered in a new era for Marvel Cosmic led by Richard Rider Nova.

Back then, the head honchos at Marvel really didn't care for the cosmic characters, but as long as sales were steady, they were happy.

And contrary to statements made by Stephen Wacker in now shut down CBR forums, sales were good on the Marvel Cosmic titles as recently Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann said they were rock solid.

Cosmic Book News was launched as a result of Annihilation, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Nova to help promote the titles. We regularly received exclusive previews, interviews with the creators, and were quoted by Marvel in official press releases and solicits.

That's when I personally got to know Doug Smith, the #1 Nova fan on the net, who runs the Nova Prime PageRosemann, Abnett and Lanning even put Doug into an issue of their Nova as a member of the Nova Corps.

Things changed, however, with the realization that Marvel Studios was launching a Guardians of the Galaxy movie as Marvel Comics cancelled the titles, even though both Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and director James Gunn have publicly stated numerous times the movie was inspired by the Abnett, Lanning and Rosemann's run. Rosemann was even responsible for choosing to use Rocket Raccoon as a character in their book, with Rocket now a global phenomenon and household name.

An early draft of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie even featured Richard Rider, and interestingly enough, the Richard Rider Guardians of the Galaxy action figure outsold every other character - including Rocket Raccoon and Groot - in the line. It also recently became known that fans chose the Richard Rider costume as the default costume for Nova in the Gazillion Entertainment Marvel Heroes 2015 video game over his replacement, which fans dub NINO ("Nova In Name Only").


Likewise, as of issue #3, NINO was selling less than the Abnett and Lanning version, and Head of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb, was announced off the title as of the second issue's publication due to low sales.

While Marvel has thrown everything and the kitchen sink into promoting NINO, it hasn't worked as sales are close to cancellation levels. It's worth noting that Richard Rider Nova didn't get much - if any - attention or promotion from Marvel; however, the character still remains in the hearts of the fans and tops polls for a return.

The latest regarding Richard Rider can be found in Bendis' current run of Guardians of the Galaxy (which I refer to as "Garbage").  Bendis is currently "revisiting" Abnett and Lanning's best-selling Thanos Imperative to offer an explanation as to why both Thanos and Star-Lord are back in the regular Marvel Universe. It's speculated we'll also find out the fate of Richard Rider. Why Bendis is writing this is anybody's guess, as even Tom Brevoort stated sales for Guardians of the Galaxy are not due to Bendis, but due to movie interest. 

This brings us to the current dilemma, as the Nova Prime Page is asking its fans whether or not the site should continue depending what happens in next week's Guardians of the Galaxy #20. Should NPP continue if Bendis kills off Richard Rider, thus sealing Rider's fate and NINO as his permanent replacement? Should the NPP continue regardless how Marvel continues to treat Richard Rider and the character's fans? Or should the NPP wait a year and see if Richard Rider eventually returns?

From The Worldmind: It is critical that you pay attention at this time! Head on over to the Nova Prime Page and let your voice be known!