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No CW Green Arrow - Wonder Woman "Amazon" Crossover


3007 DC Comics book fans may be getting two new television series as a new Wonder Woman show, "Amazon," was recently announced, which would accompany the new Green Arrow series, Arrow.

However, unlike their comic book counterparts, it seems as if there will be no sharing of characters between the two.

"Our show definitely takes place in a much more realistic world," Executive Producer of Arrow, Andrew Kreisberg, noted to THR. "There's no superpowers, superheroes and aliens. With Wonder Woman, Diana of Themyscira, there are superpowers. I don't foresee crossovers but one of the great things about superheroes is that they're constantly being reimagined. There's the Adam West and Christopher Nolan versions of Batman and one doesn't obviate the other. The Lynda Carter version was great and now the CW is hopefully developing another wonderful version that will be a nice compliment to Arrow."

3008 While the two characters might not see each other in each's respective TV shows, that doesn't mean there isn't enough room for both Green Arrow and Wonder Woman on the CW, with Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim even noting the CW could do a super hero block featuring Arrow and "Amazon."

"It harkens back to the years of my childhood where you had The Six Million Dollar Man and Wonder Woman and all these superhero-like genre shows all on the dial and all you had to do was change the channel. I think there's totally room for both shows. It would be fun to share a night with them; the CW programs two hours a night and that'd be a pretty kick-ass night of television," Guggeheim said.

"Arrow" kicks off on the CW Wednesday, October 10th at 8pm ET.

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