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NINO Nova Gets New Creative Team! Bye Bye Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness!


Hey, Marvel -- anytime you want to call DnA back for Nova I'm sure they would love to come back on board for Nova.

Same for Guardians of the Galaxy.

And same for all of us fans!

Recently, a new writer and artist was announced for the Bendis/McNiven Guardians of the Galaxy with Sara Pichelli coming on art chores as of issue #4 and Neil Gaiman co-writing as of issue #5.

It hasn't been stated if McNiven will be back, and it hasn't been stated how long Gaiman will be on board.

Now, news surfaces that Jeph Loeb has exited Nova as well as Ed McGuinness -- after only two issues being published.

In their place will be new writer Zebb Wells and new artist Paco Medina who begin starting in July with Nova #6 for five issues.

The reason cited for Loeb leaving was that he wanted to concentrate on Marvel TV and such (so why did Ed leave then???).

More than likely - and this is my opinion - Marvel received the orders for subsequent issues of Nova - that didn't have a billion covers - and they weren't up to par with Loeb and McGuinness' pay grade.

Ditto with Guardians of the Galaxy and McNiven (and eventually Bendis as well).

Bendis actually posted a similar reason on his Facebook when Moon Knight was canceled in that the book no longer kept up with what his pay requirements were, but that they were only on Moon Knight for 12 issues as it was.

Yeah, sure.

Cosmic Book News and fans have been telling Marvel literally for years that their new "pseudo-Cosmic" wouldn't work.

Loeb has been known to be taking over Marvel Cosmic for the past couple years and was the reason cited for the complete cancelation of the previous line.

Now he's off the book after a couple issues?

Great job, Axel Alonso, Stephen Wacker and company.

Oh, Wacker offered the following (via Newsarama) about Wells' Nova (bold my own):

We have a group of writers now who have been together for a few years. We’re trying to break down those walls a little bit, so there’s not just ‘cosmic books’ that deal with ‘cosmic things.’ I’m more excited to see Nova meet Daredevil, or meet the Hulk — mix the waters a bit,” Wacker says, praising the ability of both Loeb and Wells at handling those types of stories.

Still no clue, Stephen?

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