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NINO Nova Approaching Cancellation Numbers: Now At 25K; Selling Less Than DnA



The latest numbers are in for the NINO Nova reboot, and they are not good.

NINO (Nova In Name Only) #12 only sold 25,043 in January.

For a comparison, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's Nova #12 sold 28,179 back in April of 2008.

That's over 3,100 issues better without all the Marvel hype and promotion.

Abnett and Lanning's Nova featuring Richard Rider has consistently sold better than the Jeph Loeb reboot. I think only three issues of the Loeb run have sold better, which would be the first and second issue and maybe the NINO anniversary issue which had a half dozen variant covers (at least).

Fans aren't happy with the current NINO, and they aren't happy with the current administration at Marvel.

NINO is the direct opposite of what Abnett and Lanning provided, and Marvel Editorial doesn't seem phased by the fan response to NINO as they have consistently told the fans more or less "too bad."

Editor Stephen Wacker recently left NINO as well as Marvel, and last we heard, Tom Brevoort said they are still looking for a new editor to fill in. 

Fans also recently learned that Bendis would be tackling the post-Thanos Imperative story regarding what transpired in the Cancerverse with Thanos, Star-Lord and Richard Rider, which has upset them even more.

While titles like She-Hulk, Ghost Rider, Black Panther and Moon Knight consistently get reboot after reboot, a title such as Nova (Richard Rider) sold better than all of them.

(numbers via Comichron)



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