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Marvel Next Big Thing: Avengers With Brian Bendis


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:72:]]Marvel held a "Next Big Thing" conference call with Avengers writer Brian Bendis and VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. Issue #7 sees General Thunderbolt "Red Hulk" Ross joining The Avengers where not only the Illuminati come into play - but the Infinity Gems! The following is condensed from Newsarama's live feed. Bendis starts off by saying that the team needed a Hulk, "Not only do we get a Hulk, but a smart Hulk, and a feisty Hulk, and a Hulk with some legitimate issues and drama with the other members." When he told Jeph Loeb about the Red Hulk becoming an Avenger, Loeb said he wanted to hug him! Question about The Hood: Where has he been since Siege? Bendis responds with when you had the power he had and lose it that's what sets The Hood off on a power quest.  The first issue will be going over that. Brevoort adds that fans of The Hood should check out Avengers Academy #7 and #8 as they deal with the fallout of The Hood's beat down of Tigra. Next up - The Illuminati! Bendis promises that the Illuminati will be outed, "That will be dealt with in the storyline. I think it's one of the biggest revelations, coming out of Avengers Prime, with Steve and Tony finding a way to get along, and this happens." Now Squirrel Girl is being discussed with a question to Bendis about fan reaction at the NYCC. He compares it to how an audience would react to seeing Stan Lee! Bendis joked he was looking around for the legend at the announcement. Next quesion is in regards to New Avengers. Bendis says that issues #6 and #7 will set up New Avengers for how they are supposed to be in the Heroic Age. A big death is coming up in #6, "The fallout of the death will be of great important to the series. With the death comes a pretty big price that the Avengers will have to pay." Bendis called NA#7 a "Roy Thomas" issue saying they have to figure out what type of team they will be and with Spider-Man coming to terms with Victoria Hand being on the team as she had history with Norman Osborn. The future timeline from Avengers #5 is mentioned with Bendis saying Avengers #1-6 was only a set-up for the Ultron War! "That's going to be a very big story that's on the horizon," Brevoort says. The words, "Who Is Worthy," that were scribbled on the wall will have a "massive impact" through 2011 according to Brevoort. Bendis teases knowing what he knows the smaller the text - the more interesting and adds the Avengers #12.1 issue will have meaning in regards to the Ultron War. New and old fans should be happy. Also, Brian Hitch will be on art! Question about why is it a good time to use the Infinity Gems. Bendis answers it has been on his list of things to do. At first he was going to start with that, but the ramifications were so large he wanted the team to settle in first. "I kind of wanted the Heroic Age to find its footing," Bendis says. "When the Illuminati gets outed, you'll really be starting to understand Steve Rogers's place, and what he wants out of the world, and he doesn't want this." Question comes up about Bendis writing the outing of the Illuminati; exciting or nerve-racking? He responds that the Illuminati were right about mostly everything and they knew there would be a price to pay. He says its exciting how different all the members lives have changed (CBN Editor's Note: namely Black Bolt dieing!) and they are at a place right now where they don't even want to get together. What about Hawkeye leaving in New Avengers #5? Bendis says that was in respect to Hawkeye and Mockingbird writer Jim McCann's story. Next is a question about the team line-ups stabilising. Bendis says they are about 80% set. Question about why Steve Rogers would want the Red Hulk on the team as he is a villain. Bendis says he is not, he just gets done what must be done (CBN Editor's Note: Read Hulk #25 and 26 for more with Steve Rogers and Rulk!). Are there any characters left that he hasn't had a chance to use? Bendis says there are some, but they are being used. He said he liked "Next Avengers" cartoon so much that he wanted to use the characters. On using new characters Bendis said there is a misconception that writers don't want their characters being used -like with The Sentry and Paul Jenkins. He states that is hardly true as most are enthusiastic. A question is asked about the Avengers Movie. Bendis can't sat much but The Avengers comic plays a role. That't about it. Head on over to Newsarama for the entire recap!