New Marvel Villain Team To Debut? Iron Man/Ghost Rider, Thing, Hulk, Sentry?!

Posted By: Matt McGloin
07/26/2011 - 3:17pm


Just received these in my inbox from CBN user "I_will_take_the_Fear_Itself_6_Variant," which seems to show a team of villains that are a combo of various heroes and/or villains?

Not sure where these are from, but most likely the issue hits tomorrow!

Any ideas?

We see the Iron Ghost, Grimm Chamber, White Cloak, Zombie Sentry, Demon-Ock, Orange Hulk(!), Manphibian, and Beta Red.

UPDATE: These are from today's issue of Uncanny Force #12 as a members of the Black Legion - with The Blob as the leader! (Now it makes sense!)

Pencils by Mark Brooks, inks by Andrew Currie and Mark Brooks, colors by Dean White and Richard Isanove.

Click to enlarge and launch viewer:

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