New Marvel Minimates Featuring Beta Ray Bill

Posted By: Matt McGloin
08/04/2011 - 3:47pm


Marvel.com released pics of the new Marvel Minimates, which features Beta Ray Bill, Thor, Cap and more.

Wave 42 will feature four two-packs: Armored Thor with Beta Ray Bill (metallic), Civil War Captain America (removable helmet) with Arnim Zola, Thunderstrike with Stone Man and Eric Masterson as Thor (rare variant) with Stone Man. These super heroes can be found at comic shops, specialty stores and online retailers this September!
Marvel Minimates TRU Wave 12 from Diamond Select Toys
Along with Wave 42, Diamond Select Toys wil keep true to the Toys “R” Us crew with its 12th TRU exclusive Minimates wave! Wave 12 will also have four two packs, two of which can only be found at your local Toys “R” Us: Armored Thor with Beta Ray Bill (metallic), Civil War Captain America (removable helmit) with Arnim Zola, Jack Kirby Thor with Balder and Secret War Captain America with Crossbones. Look for them in September!


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