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New Fantastic Four Movie Being Worked On; Update on Daredevil, X-Men: First Class Sequel


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Last time mention was made about a new Fantastic Four movie, of which Fox has the rights to, it was from the scribes of X-Men: First Class.

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz stated they would love to reboot the FF.

Now, Fox Executive Tom Rothman, while speaking with MTV, not only mentioned another Fantastic Four movie, but also commented on David Slade's Daredevil and the X-Men: First Class Sequel.

Daredevil is still with David Slade. It’s in development now. We’re working on it and Fantastic Four. I think for all of us, the bar has been raised, so we’ve got to aim high now. Marvel’s done a terrific job with their films. Where our Marvel movies are concerned or other movies like that. It’s like what we had with Planet of the Apes this summer. I think it’s important for us to really aim high and deliver an A-level experience to the audience.”

And on X-Men: First Class "2":

"It’s ”˜go’ in the sense that we’re trying like hell. We’re trying as hard as we can. We really want to do it. We’re planning to do it."

Info Via The Collider.

Here's the MTV News video with Tom Rothman:

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