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Neil Gaiman Writing Doctor Who Cybermen Episode For Next Spring



Scribe Neil Gaiman will be returning to Doctor Who and will be bringing back the Cybermen.

The write received a Hugo Award for his previously penned episode, "The Doctor's Wife," which was well received - to say the least - by Doctor Who fans.

Stephen Moffat has confirmed that Neil Gaiman will be back next Spring, and we also learn the episode will co-star Warwick Davis (Life's Too Short), Tamzin Outhwaite (Eastenders) and Jason Watkins (Being Human), with Stephen Woolfenden (Harry Potter) directing the episode.

The Doctor Who episode will also feature Matt Smith as well as new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman as a band of misfits on a mysterious planet.

"Cybermen were always the monsters that scared me the most! Not just because they were an awesome military force, but because sometimes they could be sleek and silver and right behind you without you even knowing." Moffat told the BBC. "And with one of the all-time classic monsters returning, and a script from one of our finest novelists, it's no surprise we have attracted such stellar names as Tamzin, Jason and Warwick."

Last we saw of the Cybermen was in 2011's "Closing Time" Doctor Who episode which featured Craig Owens.

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