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Matt McGloin

More details emerge with Tyler Labine on "Rise of the Apes"



Actor Tyler Labine (CBS show, Mad Love) commented on his role and the plot to the upcoming prequel, "Rise of the Apes."

According to CraveOnline, the actor will be playing a primatologist by the name of Franklin, who is the right hand man to actor James Franco (playing the leading role as a scientist empathetic to the apes).

Labine mentions some plot details - which are pretty obvious. Interestingly, he brings up Tim Burton's 2001 reboot which starred Mark Wahlberg, stating this is even a prequel to that. Regarding the plot to Rise of the Apes, Labine says, "The apes have jumped back up to rebel because we’ve sort of taken everything else for granted on this early, taken these creatures for granted and they decide to rise up. So it’s pretty neat. It’s cool.”

A couple days ago, actor Tom Felton (Malfoy in Harry Potter) was pretty mum on the details for this project. However, he did state his character would be taking the opposite side to Franco's sympathy for the apes, "I show this one particular ape that there is a dark side to humans, and I’m not very nice. And that leads to a backlash …”.

Stay tuned to Cosmic Book News for more details on Rise of the Apes which hits theaters, with a new release date, on November 23rd, 2011!