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Matt McGloin

Matt Fraction on Marvel's Fear Itself


Matt Fraction was a guest on the Word Balloon Podcast and spoke on the seven issue April mega event "Fear Itself" with art by Stuart Immonen. This came about as a result of the Thor and Captain America movies that Marvel Studios is putting out next year. Marvel asked if there was anything they could do that was Thor and Cap related. Fraction came across this "core of an idea that Odin has this dark secret." That there is something we don't know about and something hidden in the Norse cycle of history. There is this God of Fear that Odin casts out, slaughtered all of his believers, destroyed all of his churches and temples, and has kept the God Of Fear's existence hidden ever since. Sin, the daughter of the original Red Skull, finds him. (Note: Sin has become the new Red Skull in CA #612). You can see how this is related both to Cap and Thor as Fraction puts it, "You can see how Cap's biggest nightmare and Thor's biggest nightmare is sort of hitting at the same time." Regarding the Norse God of Fear, Fraction said he, "Feeds and thrives on fear itself. The more we are afraid of him the stronger he gets." Fraction states he thinks this is bigger than Civil War in terms of its scale and epicness. He says it's real "gettable" and you haven't needed to follow seventeen other books to follow. It's the Marvel heroes versus the God Of Fear and the more you fear him the stronger he becomes. He is waging a war on Earth terrorizing everybody which, in essence, means all of us become weapons. He wants Odin's throne - and only Earth is in his way. Similar to his Iron Man and Thor runs, it is designed for people that come off the street - it's "fresh and easily gettable." Fraction says, "It's designed to arrive along side the movies so it is totally understandable." You can go branch off and follow the rest of the Marvel U. - as everyone in the Marvel U. will have to deal with this. You won't be "under-served" just following the core books. This started off as a pitch for a mini-series - a Thor/Cap mini. Everything just started getting bigger and bigger which formed an event. Big things are going to happen. Fraction can't say much on this, but does say Odin is back and not having great relations with Thor; Steve Rogers will be Steve Rogers - not as Captain America; and something really "stunning" is in the works for Bucky. He says the "Heroic Age" feels fragile as there is so much panic and mayhem in the world today - and no one is more aware of this than Steve Rogers. When the stuff hits the fan...Fraction can't say much on this. He compares this to Secret War and Civil War in tone. "Absolutely massive. Absolutely massive." Head on over to the Word Balloon Podcast for more including Matt Fraction on Iron Man #500 and additional commentary on "Fear Itself." Check out the CBN recap page of the "Fear Itself" Marvel Press conference from last Tuesday and to view additional artwork and trailers.