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Matt McGloin

Marvel's Next Big Thing: Fear Itself


Marvel just announced the next big event "Fear Itself" from Matt Fraction, Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger and Laura Martin - 7 issues and starts this April. First issue is at or around 45 pages. A prologue from Ed Brubaker and Scott Eaton will hit in March. More news coming soon! Check out the replay of the live blog. Below that, you can find view the two trailers. Head on over here (Fear  Marvel's Next Big Event: Reality War?) to view what CBN thought the event might be (posted last week). And be sure to check out the Avengers #5 teaser timeline as well. So what are your thoughts on this? Share them with us in the CBN Forums! <a href="" mce_href="" >Marvel Press Conference 12/21/2010</a>