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Matt McGloin

Marvel Preview: Mark Waid's Crossgen Ruse #1


pic has released some pages from the upcoming Crossgen reboot, Ruse #1, from writer Mark Waid and artist Mirco Pierfederici.

Waid had this to say on Ruse #1, described as a Victorian-era detective fiction:

"Two things are happening simultaneously,” says Waid of the series’ story. “First, a bizarre gambling fever is sweeping the well-to-do of the city of Partington. Someone's drawing the leaders of society into an unforgiving web of sin, manipulating them towards some mysterious greater goal. Simon and Emma have to figure out the who and the why of it while at the same time trying to solve a seemingly unrelated series of attacks on all of Simon's past partners and associates. Danger lurks around every page-turn, and suspense is high.”

Look for Ruse #1 on March 2nd!


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