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Matt McGloin

Marvel Fear: More Pieces To The Puzzle - MODOK?


Updates 1/11/10: Beginning to look a lot like... Updated 12/29/10: 7:40pm Eastern: Jim Haley, from New Jedi Order Pedia, sent over the images pieced together. What does it look like to you? On Tuesday, Marvel held a press conference for the next big event, "Fear Iself." Few clues were given as to what exactly the event is about, the cast and main villain. Editor, Ryan Penagos (Agent M), released a puzzle piece - that may or may not - have something to do with this. You can see the image on the right. Agent M will be releasing eight more puzzle pieces somewhere on the web in the next two weeks that form an image that is said to be about "something awesome going on in Marvel Comics in 2011." Head on over to his blog for more info. As CBN forum member, Kirrmistwelder, notes - it looks similar to the Martian Tripods that have been re-appearing in various Marvel comics since Captain America: Reborn. Cosmic Book News has a write-up on what the event could be - with the Martian Tripods. Stay tuned to CBN as more news becomes available! Updated 12/27: More pieces have been released. Updated 12/28: Fifth piece released. Updated 12/29: Sixth piece released. Updated 1/1/11: Seventh and eighth pieces added.