Marvel EIC Axel Alonso: We have plans for cosmic

Posted By: Matt McGloin
04/17/2011 - 3:44pm




Last night in a series of tweets, I fired some off in the direction of Marvel EIC Axel Alonso, regarding Nova and Marvel Cosmic.

Up until now, cosmic fans have been basically "barraging" Marvel SVPP Tom Brevoort on his Form Spring; however, I've been told, it seems the Senior Vice President of Publishing is now ignoring them. Can't image why!

Anyway, why not go straight to the top - so that's just what I did last night.

Seems to have worked, as Mr. Alonso has responded:

"We have plans for cosmic. It will be worth the wait."

picI'm sure there will be some grumbles among the cosmic fans in response, as it seems to be the norm that we get the "wait and see" whenever it comes to our fav's.

One bright side, this comes directly from the "main man" at Marvel.

Just how long and what will the Marvel Cosmic U. look like?

Wait and see.

Now, should we stop "barraging" them?

Not for a minute!

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